Saturn II

A cost-conscious extension to a semi-attached Deco home, that responds with light, views and space.

Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans

A south-facing orientation was counteracted with a new extension that pops out beyond the existing dwelling to access the north sun. 

While deceptively simple, the project achieves a number of transformative outcomes. Through providing outlook and egress to the north side, an overlooked extended driveway becomes a garden space and informal second entry. To the main south orientation, wide glazing creates connection to the backyard.

Brickwork is expressed with a sense of weight to anchor the extension.  The structure was designed to be economical to achieve the budget.

The existing hemmed-in living room was more appropriately converted a bedroom, providing a much needed third bedroom for the growing family. As the internal hallway was lengthened, a new large sky window was inserted to provide foreshorten the hall and let the light in. 




71m² renovation




Boon Wurrung