Brunswick House

A modestly sized double storey extension on a long and narrow site, finding a sense of spaciousness through outlook.

Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans

The dream was a three-bedroom home with two bathrooms and as large a garden as possible. The existing Victorian features had valuable character and were retained, while the existing extension in poor condition was removed.

A double storey extension retained as much garden space as possible. Located alongside the neighbour’s boundary walls, the second storey is very well hidden and keeps a low-scale relaxed feel to the backyard.

To counteract a long and narrow experience, we purposefully sought to find views left, right and above to expand the sense of space. A combination of flat and flaring ceilings define the living areas, where windows open wide for ventilation.

We designed the project with a limited budget in mind. Materials used are cost-effective and need little maintenance, while together with the composition of spaces hold interest and inspire. 






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