Kew Villa

A calming home underpinned by efficient planning, that carefully extracts the most out of its modest size.

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Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans
Images & Plans

An available adjacent site inspired this unique renovation of this single bedroom villa unit into a much more amenable home of three bedrooms for a family. 

Our strategy balanced the need for more internal space, with ensuring left over outdoors space had purpose. Led by the existing plan oriented around a central courtyard, we proposed a deck that new spaces are assembled around. This effectively brought outdoor spaces into the centre of the home, maximising views out and a sense of spaciousness.

Following the consistent flat roof design of the existing units, we instead exploited level differences to achieve interest across the plan. A lowered living area and deck helps reduce steps required to access the backyard.

Part of a group of ten villa units, the reworked home was designed to work with the existing textures commonplace in the 1960s development. A simple material palette of recycled brick, plywood and Australian hardwood timber complement the original elements that have been retained.




75m² renovation, 50m² extension


The Melbourne Builder & Co


Woi Wurrung